The Rise of Gene and Cell Therapy

Gene therapy, utilizing viral vectors/non-viral vectors with therapeutic genes or gene editing technologies to deliver particular genes to replace defective or missing genes, inhibit the abnormal genes, or introduce new functions to cells. The objective of gene therapy is to modify or correct specific genes linked with disease, ultimately restoring normal cellular function and alleviating symptoms or resolving the root cause. Cell therapy utilizes the unique regenerative properties of cellular material to become a treatment. This technologies are increasingly integral to medical practice, and intersect with gene therapy, cancer vaccines, drug delivery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. Merging both approaches, these innovative approaches hold immense potential for treating genetic disorders, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and degenerative conditions.


The Role of Cell Culture Chamber Systems:

In cell and gene therapy, bioreactors with cell culture chambers are utilized for the production of engineered viral vectors which deliver therapeutic genes into target cells. The cell culture chamber provides the necessary environment for the growth and propagation of these host cells, allowing for the efficient production of viral vectors at large scales. On the other hand, the chambers are also used for expansion of therapeutic cells, such as stem cells for ex vivo used.  These chambers provide optimal conditions for cell growth to ensure the sufficient quantities of therapeutic cells for patients.


In summary, modern cell culture chamber systems offer a range of requirements for specific cell type culture and ensure consistent quality. Regulated cell culture systems (temperature, pH, oxygen levels, and nutrient supply) provide controlled optimized environments for cell growth, allowing researchers and manufacturers to cultivate cells under precise conditions. It play as critical roles in the production and development of raw materials of cell and gene therapies.

AIOCON-BIO’s cell culture chamber systems empower users to accelerate the development and production of innovative cell-based therapies to achieve optimal cell growth and productivity.


AICON-BIO offers cutting-edge cell culture chamber systems designed to meet the evolving needs of cell and gene therapy research and manufacturing. The surface of AICON-BIO cell culture chambers were treated with TC or ultra TC to produce better surface growth of any cell types.

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