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Immunoassays are widely used in clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, drug monitoring, and food testing. The assay is used the specificity of antigen-antibody reactions to identify and measure target molecules such as hormones, proteins, drugs, and pathogens within samples, therefore, this method play a crucial role in research and healthcare.

Antibody-antigen interaction technology can be converted into different types of assay formats, each with its own variations and applications. Some of the common types include:

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) :

After forming an antigen-antibody complex, following incubation and washing steps, a substrate specific to the enzyme is added, with the detection facilitated by an enzyme conjugated to the secondary antibody. The enzyme triggers a reaction resulting in producing a detectable signal, typically colorimetric or fluorescent, directly correlating with the quantity of antigen present.

AICON BIO specifically use ELISA technique in fungal infection for achieving the goal of specific target detection, early detection and most importantly quantitative analysis. Quantitation in fungal infection detection is crucial for several reasons

  1. Monitoring the infection progression: by tracking the change amount of fungal antigens over time can help clinicians assess valuable information about the infection progression.

  2. Differentiating the true infection : we all know fungi are present on or within the body without causing symptoms, quantitative assays can help differentiate between colonization and true infection by assessing the quantity of fungal antigens present

  3. Effectiveness of treatment : by analyzing the quantitative datacan evaluate the effectiveness of antifungal therapy.

Elevate fungal infection analysis with AICON BIO’s advanced ELISA product, ensuring rapid and accurate results


AICON-BIO The Aspergillus GM ELISA Kit

Lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA):

 By coating color beads antibody and capture antibody in the membrane, when target antigen across the membrane, the specific interactions between immobilized antibodies and target analytes will occur. The technique has become a versatile tool widely employed in point-of-care testing, environmental monitoring, and food safety applications.

The immunoassay as LFIA format can achieve the goals of rapid results, ease of use, portability, and cost effectiveness.

Visit AICON BIO’s website to explore their cutting-edge immunoassay lateral flow technology.



AICON BIO Cardiac Marker LFIA


AICON BIO Infection Disease LFIA


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