Troponin I Test Device Test Cassette CTI-P02B

Troponin I Test Device Test Cassette CTI-P02B

  • Model: CTI-P02B
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    Product Description


    Troponin I Test Device

    spesimen: S/P

    Model No:CTI-P02B

    read in 10-20 min

    Specificity: >99%



    Cardiac Troponin I Test Cassette (Colloidal Gold) detects the amount of Cardiac Troponin I consists in human blood qualitatively. Positive cTnI normally can be found in early myocardial infarction.The minimum detectable amount of cTnI of the product is 1.5ng/ ml.


    Sampling test subjects venous blood 1ml or 2-3 drops from the finger tip, serum or whole blood obtained after centrifugation

    Add anticoagulant to prevent the coagulum of the sample, and finished the test immediately after sample collection.

    The Sample could be stored in 2-8 Celsius degree storage for 3 days.



    Two distinct colored lines appear. One line should be in the control line region (C) and another line should be
     in the test line region (T).

    *NOTE: The intensity of the color in the test line region (T) will vary depending on the concentration of cTnI present
    in the specimen. Therefore, any shade of color in the test line region (T) should be considered positive.


    One colored line appears in the control line region (C). No apparent colored line appears in the test line region (T).


    Control line (C) fails to appear. Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely 
    reasons for control line failure. Review the procedure and repeat the test with a new test device. If the problem persists, 
    discontinue using the test kit immediately and contact your local distributor.


    • Model: CTI-P02B
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