Strep A Test Cassette STA-S02D

Strep A Test Cassette STA-S02D

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    Specifications Strep A Test Cassette Format: cassette Specimen: nasal swab Model No:STA-S02D High Accuracy OEM available Strep A Test Cassette  PRINCIPLE OF THE TEST Group A Streptococci (S. pyogenes) are causing e.g.different respiratory diseases.(pharyngitis,rhinitis, tonsillitisand pneumonia),scarlet fever, pyodermalesions and wound infections.Group AStreptococci are  found also in the bloodof patients with erysipilas, puerperal fever, cellulitis and septicemia.  Nonsuppurative disease such as rheumatic fever and acute glomerulonephritis may follow streptococcal  pharyngitis. The Strep A test principle is based on a goldlabeled, group specific polyclonal antibody which together with the  antibody immobilized in the test membrane forms the test line (if antigen is present in the sample).The test device  also contains an internal control. The antibody dehydrated in the control line detects the unbound gold-labeled  antibody dye forming a control line. Control line should always be visible regardless of the test result  (positive / negative). SAMPLING Collection Collect a specimen with the sterile cotton swab provided from the back of the throat. Avoid contact with tongue or the inner parts of the mouth.  If the test can not be performed immediately the sample may be stored in a clean, dry vial for up to 72 hours.The sample may also be taken from a transport mediaor from cultured plates.


    • Model: STA-S02D
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