Spore Staining Solution

Spore Staining Solution

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    Product Description

    Product name

    Generic name: spore staining solution

    Package Specifications


    Expected usage

    For the staining of bacterial spores.

    Test principle

    Whether the bacteria have spores and the shape and position of the spores are important characteristics of the bacteria. The bacterial spores are more complex, denser and less permeable than the cytoplasmic cells, and the coloration and decolorization are more difficult than the vegetative cells. The spore staining method utilizes the principle that the spores of the bacteria and the affinity of the bacteria have different affinity for the dye, and is colored by different dyes, so that the spores and the cells have different colors and are easy to distinguish. Spores have strong heat and chemical resistance. When using basic dyes to heat and prolong the dyeing time, the cells and spores can be colored, and then washed with distilled water to remove the color of the cells, but the color of the spores can still be retained. , spores and cells can be clearly distinguished under the microscope.

     Main components

    Reagent composition

    Main ingredient

    Carbolfuchsin solution

    Carbol , basic fuchsin , Ethanol

    95% alcohol


    Alkaline blue liquid

    Methylene blue

    Storage conditions and expiration date

    5ºC ~ 30ºC protected from light, valid for 24 months. After the opening period, it is stored at 5ºC ~ 30ºC and protected from light. The validity period is 6 months.

    Sample requirements

    Pick up the colony to make a smear, dry it naturally and heat it.

    Testing method

    1. Add stone carbonate reddish solution to the smear, heat it with weak fire, make the dye liquid steam but do not boil, dye for about 5 minutes, wash and wash after cooling.

    2. Decolorize with 95% alcohol for 2 minutes and wash with water.

    3. The alkaline blue liquid is counterstained for 30 seconds, washed with water, and then examined with oil mirror.

    Explanation of test results

    The spores are red and the cells are blue.

    Limitations of inspection methods

    It is only used for morphological staining observations.


    1. The strain used for spore dyeing should control the age of the bacteria, and it is preferable to retain most of the spores on the cells.

    2. After each reagent is used up, please quickly seal and store it to avoid evaporation and affect the effect.

    3. Read the instruction manual carefully before use, use it within the validity period, and do personal hygiene protection.

    4. Dispose of waste according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department after use.

    5. The production date, production batch number and expiration date are shown in the outer packaging.


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