Hand Sanitizer Natural & Advanced spray

Hand Sanitizer Natural & Advanced spray



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Product Description


A powerful solution to protect , soothe & support your skin’s Natural beauty and defense.

Keep it at home , office desk , your car , kids’ school bag or wherever you go.

Portable size: 3.33 FL OZ (100ml)

Hypochlorous Acid , NaCl , H2O.


Hand , face , body skin , eyelids sanitizing.
Help wounds , skin infection , Eczema , Diaper rash , 
burns heal faster.
Remove body (armpit , genitals) odor instantly.
Household surface , door bar , keys , small medical
equipment disinfection .

Warning & storage:

keep out of reach  of children , stop use if irriation develop. store dry , dark place below 30° C/86° C.


Shake slightly before use, Spray 3-5 times, air dry recommended repeat if necessary , For eyelids/Eyelash itching/inflammation, close eyes slighty when spray.


Left hand rule! Remember  always use your  left hand open or press the door or  elevator buttons, pick up filling handle at gas station, put code when pay at the grocery store, holding the bus support bars, any chance need to use your fingers at the public place, then use your right hand take out your portable sanitizer spray bottle from your pocket and spray your left hand and fingers right away. This is so easy and effective to prevent at least half of the germ transmitted diseases including the current outbreak coronavirus. 


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