Capsular Dyeing

Capsular Dyeing

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    Product Description

    Product name

    Common name: capsule staining solution

    Package Specifications


    Expected usage

    Used for staining of bacterial capsules.

    Test principle

    The capsule is a special mucous substance formed by bacteria outside the cell wall during growth, and has the function of protecting bacteria against phagocytosis and digestive function, and can increase the erosiveness of bacteria. The capsule has a weak affinity for dyes and is not easily colored. It is usually dyed by negative staining. Even if the cells and the background are colored and the capsule is not colored, a transparent circle is formed around the cells. Due to the large water content of the capsule, it is loose and thin, and it is generally not used for heat fixation during dyeing to prevent the capsule from shrinking and deforming. The capsular stain method is used for the identification of capsule bacteria such as Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Bacillus anthracis, and Clostridium perfringens.

    Main components

    Reagent composition

    Main ingredient

    Crystal violet liquid

    crystal violet

    Copper sulfate solution

    copper sulfate

    Storage conditions and expiration date

    5 ºC ~ 30 ºC protected from light, valid for 24 months.

    After the opening period, it is stored at 5 ºC ~ 30 ºC and protected from light. The validity period is 6 months.

    Sample requirements

    The colonies were picked and made into smears, dried naturally in the air, and fixed with ethanol.

    Testing method

    1. Add crystal violet liquid to the smear, heat it slightly on the flame until steam appears, and dye for 1 minute;

    2. Wash the dye solution on the smear with copper sulfate solution, and then do not wash it with water afterwards;

    3. After blotting with absorbent paper, check with oil mirror.

    Explanation of test results

    The cells and background are purple, and the capsule is bright blue or not colored.

    Limitations of inspection methods

    It is only used for morphological staining observations.


    1. Specimens should not be washed after dyeing and must be washed with copper sulfate solution.

    2. Since the water content of the capsule is above 90%, it is generally not heated and fixed during dyeing to prevent the capsule from shrinking and deforming.

    3. After each reagent is used, please quickly seal it and store it to avoid evaporation and affect the effect.

    4. This product should be used by professionals and the interpretation of the results.

    5. Read the instruction manual in detail before use, use it within the validity period, and do personal protection.

    6. Dispose of waste according to the requirements of the hospital or environmental protection department after use.

    7. The production date, production batch number and expiration date are shown in the outer packaging.


    • Model: AI-VDB03
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