Prestained Protein Ladder,10-250KDa

Prestained Protein Ladder,10-250KDa

  • Model: AI-BTLP022(250ul*2)
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    Product Description

    Brief introduction

    This product is composed of 11 highly purified red, blue and green pre-dyed proteins of 10kd-250kd. The molecular weight of the bands is 10kDa, 15kDa, 20kDa, 25kDa(green), 35kDa, 40kDa, 50kDa, 70kDa(red), 100kDa, 150kDa and 250kDa, This product molecular weight is accurate, the strip is sharp, the color is firm, the performance is stable. 

    Use recommendation
    From 20 ºC to retrieve molecular weight standard, melt at room temperature.The molecular weight of the 4 ºC standards  can be directly into the next step;
    Fully mix the solution in the pipe before use;
    The sample size of this product varies with the thickness of gel. 0.75-1.0mm gel, 5 microns/hole on sample;1.5mm gel, 10 microns/hole on sample;
    After use, please seal on - 20 ºC and 4ºC after storage.

    Friendly reminder

    Do not heat to boil;

    The molecular weight standard of prestained protein was only used for approximate reference of molecular weight, and the difference between batches was about 5%.

    This product contains a variety of chemical ingredients, do not swallow, avoid contact with eyes and skin; 

    In low concentration gels, low molecular weight bands will migrate together with the leading edge and cannot be separated.

    The migration rates of prestained proteins in sds-page gel systems with different buffers varied.The mobility of the product varies with gel and buffer systems.In different gel and buffer systems, the mobility of the product can be calibrated using the non-prestained protein standard, and it can be used normally according to the calibrated results.



    • Model: AI-BTLP022(250ul*2)
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