(HBsAg)Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Cassette HBsg-P02D

(HBsAg)Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Cassette HBsg-P02D

  • Model: HBsg-P02D
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    Specimen:Whole blood/Serum/Plasma
    Model No:HBsg-P02D


    One Step HBsAg Test is a rapid direct binding test for the qualitative detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in human serum/plasma as an aid in the clinical assessment of hepatitis B infection.

    The test is based on the principle of sandwich immunoassay for determination of HBsAg in serum/plasma. Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies are employed to identify HBsAg specifically.This one step test is very sensitive and only takes about 10-20 minutes.Test results are read visually without any instrument.


    · easy to use

    · easy to read

    · High accuracy

    · High speed

    · Room temperature storage

    For serum or plasma specimens:

    1. Dispense 3 drops (100 μl) of serum/plasma specimen to the “s” well of the test card with the provided plastic dropper according to the figure

    2. start the timer and wait for the colored line(s) to appear.

    3. Interpret test results at 15 minutes

    Reading the test results 

    1. Positive: Both purplish red test band and purplish red control band appear on the membrane.The lower  the antibody concentration,the weaker the test band.

    1. Negative: Only the purplish red control band appears on the membrane.The absence of a test brand indicates a negative result. 

    Invalid: There should always be a purplish red control band in the control region regardless of test result .If control band is not seen,the test is considered invalid. Repeat the test using a new test device.Note: It is normal to have a slightly lightened control band with very strong positive samples as long as it is distinctly visible.


    • Model: HBsg-P02D
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