(HBeAg)Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen Test Cassette HBeg-P02D

(HBeAg)Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen Test Cassette HBeg-P02D

  • Model: HBeg-P02D
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    Model No:HBeg-P02D
    Accuracy: >99%


    The viral envelope of enveloped virus has different surface proteins from the rest of the virus which act as antigens.These antigens are recognized by antibody proteins that bind specifically to one of these surface proteins.

    Hepatitis B Envelope antigen (HBeAg) test is one of the most frequently performed tests for HBV infection.This HBV antigen is the earliest indicator of an active hepatitis B infection.This antigen may be present before symptoms of an HBV infection are present.If this antigen level remains high for more than 6 months,then you will probably become a carrier of HBV,meaning you can transmit it to others throughout your life.


    · Applying sufficient amount of sample is essential for a valid test result.If migration (the wetting of membrane) is not observed in the test window after one minute,add one more drop of sample diluent (for plasma or serum) to the sample well.

    · Do not interpret result after 20 minutes.


    1. Positive: Both purplish red test band and purplish red control band appear on the membrane.The lower the antibody concentration,the weaker the test band.

    2. Negative: Only the purplish red control band appears on the membrane.The absence of a test band indicates a negative result.

    Invalid: There should always be a purplish red control band in the control region regardless of test

     result.If control band is not seen,the test is considered invalid. Repeat the test using a new test device.Note:It is normal to have a slightly lightened control band with very strong positive samples as long as it is distinctly visible.


    • Model: HBeg-P02D
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